Beets: Red Roots and Green Leaves

Beets: Red Roots and Green Leaves

Beets are an extremely healthy vegetable that has edible roots and leaves. The roots are sweet and pack high nutritional value. Beet roots connect you more to the earth, and therefore are grounding. If you don’t like the red beet color on your plate, try yellow or white beets which have similar nutritional content.

Beets can be prepared in multiple ways. Try them steamed, baked, sauteéd, pickled or juiced, and celebrate a deep cleanse of your liver. Or you can make a pureed beet soup, a chunky Russian borscht beet soup, or a cold summer beet soup.

Do you enjoy pasta? Cook your favorite pasta and smoother it with a spicy pureed beet sauce. Or reverse it. Steam the beets, and create spirals, then spoon on a garlicky cream sauce. Sprinkle with Parmesan or goat cheese and some black pepper.

Beet leaves can be steamed or sautéed like spinach. Add some olive oil or balsamic vinegar and salt to taste.

It is wonderful that beets are available throughout the year. Khalsa Family Farms has a row of beets planted in the hoop house (see above) as well as a 1/4 acre of beets growing in a field nearby. So all of us can be sure that our liver and blood will be well taken care this year! We will be adding more recipes of this power-cleansing RED & GREEN vegetable.


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