Squash Blossom Mexican Quesadillas

  • Post published:June 23, 2020

 (Quesadilla de Flor de Calabazas)    At the moment our zucchini and yellow squash plants are creating beautiful yellow and orange blossoms. These edible flowers are soft, delicate, and taste slightly…

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Montmorency Cherries

  • Post published:June 23, 2020

The Montmorency Cherry (Prunus Cerasus) is a type of sour cherry (tart) that gets its name from a valley just north of Paris, France. This cherry grows well in the…

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Carrot Top Pesto

  • Post published:June 13, 2020

1 cup (packed, about 40 g) carrot top greens, tough stems removed1 cup (packed, about 40 g) baby spinach (or other fresh green leafy vegetable like Swiss Chard)1 - 2…

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New Pickup Day – Tuesday

  • Post published:June 13, 2020

Starting next week, all Khalsa Family Farms vegetable pick-ups will be on Tuesday. That means both the CSA pick-up and the Special Order pick-up will be on the same day.  We…

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Happy Trails, Zak!

  • Post published:June 7, 2020

Zak Young has been with Khalsa Family Farms for the last months sharing his incredible experience of organic farming. He will be departing for his summer Alaska tour in a few…

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Beets: Red Roots and Green Leaves

  • Post published:June 7, 2020

Beets are an extremely healthy vegetable that has edible roots and leaves. The roots are sweet and pack high nutritional value. Beet roots connect you more to the earth, and therefore are…

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Asian Sprout Salad

  • Post published:May 31, 2020

SauceShake in a jar or mix in a blender1/4 cup Olive Oil1/4 cup Rice Vinegar2 Tbsp Sesame Oil1 Tbsp Honey1 Tbsp Soy Sauce1 clove garlic, chopped very fine1/2 inch ginger,…

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  • Post published:May 31, 2020

Pea shoots are nutritionally dense like all microgreens. Pea shoots are naturally sweet so they are a fantastic addition to smoothies. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, add peas and…

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Quinoa, Avocado & Microgreen Salad

  • Post published:May 23, 2020

By Tarn Taran Kaur ~ Place cooked and cooled quinoa on a plate. Add these five ingredients on top:Arugula or lettuceCelery, choppedSunflower microgreensMicrogreens, mild or spicyRadish, slicedPlace pieces of avocado and a…

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Kale Q&A

  • Post published:May 17, 2020

What are health benefits of kale? Kale contains fiber, calcium, vitamin C and K, iron and plus other essential nutrients. Also great for detoxing the body.Is it better to eat…

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