Please help us transform this ashram land into a vibrant, rich, legacy of sharing well-being through sharing food.

Khalsa Family Farms operates in Espanola, NM, USA providing high quality organic produce, grown on the farm and and in a commercial greenhouse, for local use, sale, and donation to the broader northern New Mexico community. Our research indicates that the local demand for organic produce is significantly higher than the current supply.  Legacy Gardens moved a commercial greenhouse to the farmland, and submerged it 4′ for geothermal insulation. We then installed a climate battery which works as a radiant heating system by pushing solar warmed air into tubes installed under the growing beds. After one year of banking heat, this creates a sub tropical climate year round. We plan to outfit the center greenhouse with an aquaponics system.

Our goals now for fundraising and donations revolve around acquiring farm tools, organic fertilizers, rock dusts for remineralization, propagation supplies, maintaining farm equipment, providing funding for labor, and building infrastructure. Our plan is to implement as many energy efficient technologies as possible and offer classes to schools and community groups as models of modern sustainable agricultural techniques. We want to share the vision of sustainability with future generations.

Khalsa Family Farms is using the latest technology of organic gardening, aquaponic crop farming and greenhouse vertical growing to produce high density crop yields, utilizing a year round growing cycle, integrated pest management, fast crop rotation, advanced reduced water usage systems, and above all else connection with the land and plants. Photovoltaic-powered air circulation will keep the facility cool in the summer and warm in the winter, maintaining optimal growing environments year round.

We are providing fresh produce and products to local farm to table initiatives and restaurants, also the Ashram Langar Kitchen, the annual Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration in Espanola, NM, local farmers’ markets, natural food groceries, and food co-ops. We will also be donating fresh produce to victims of natural disasters, and strengthening food security in the community when a natural disaster occurs as well as regular support throughout the year through the Food for Kids Program which is a program that provides fresh and easy to prepare foods for children in need and delivers them direct to the local school district.

We are looking to perpetually fund this project by donations, fundraising, and grants so that we can continue construction on infrastructure and build the children’s learning garden and permaculture orchard.

Below is the list of prospective donation items that would help our cause and the use of the items, whatever could be donated, would be a significant blessing to our new non profit. Thank you for considering Khalsa Family Farms for donations. Feel free to call or email if you have any questions and for further correspondence.