New Pickup Day – Tuesday

New Pickup Day – Tuesday

Starting next week, all Khalsa Family Farms vegetable pick-ups will be on Tuesday. That means both the CSA pick-up and the Special Order pick-up will be on the same day.  We understand that this could be an adjustment for your schedule, please bear with us.

This change will assist us to focus the Espanola harvest on one day, and then get out in the field caring for the plants on the other days. And there are some great new season veggies growing now.

The field south of the hoop house has pole peas, bush beans, swiss chard, kale, plus flowers and herbs. They will be ready for you soon.

In the hoop house the cucumbers are about 3.5 inches now and we will have a bumper crop for you on June 23! And dill will be ready, too. We will post a few delicious cucumber dill salad recipes for you. YUM!

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